Springboard UK Press Release: Charity Cycle Challenge Set for September in Partnership with Sky

The Springboard Charity’s annual Team Velo Challenge is the London-Paris cycling challenge for the hospitality industry. Launched by Genuine Dining, with the support of Pullman Hotels, ... Continue Reading →

Scot Govt. Consultation on how UK apprenticeship levy funds should be spent

The UK Government announced its plans to introduce a UK wide Apprenticeship Levy from April 2017. Employers will pay 0.5% of their annual pay bill in excess of £3m through the PAYE ... Continue Reading →

One ‘giant’ leap for island tourism – BFG boost for Scotland’s offshore paradises

Skye and Orkney’s starring roles in Disney’s The BFG have highlighted the “giant” contribution Scotland’s islands have made to cinema and television over the years, according ... Continue Reading →

Having a VAT style headache?

Here’s your painkiller… HRMC is offering a series of webinars to help you with all aspects of VAT, from ‘How to do your VAT return’ to VAT Accounting Schemes. First ... Continue Reading →

Funding opportunities ahead of Year of History, Heritage and Archeology 2017

Celebrating Scotland’s heritage with Stories, Stones and Bones Stories, Stones and Bones is all about making funding easily accessible to help communities celebrate Scotland’s ... Continue Reading →

How is Brexit affecting your business? Put us in the picture 

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Who’s who in Theresa May’s new Government?

Our friends at Grayling PR have prepared a guide to Who’s who in Theresa May’s new Government. Contrary to many of the headlines – this is not a reshuffle! Here’s ... Continue Reading →

Business chiefs call for tax breaks to buoy slowing economy

Business leaders have called for tax breaks and certainty on the future of foreign workers amid signs that Scotland’s economy was slowing down ahead of the Brexit vote. Construction ... Continue Reading →

Gordon Dewar: Reducing APD is the right thing to do

SCOTLAND’S airports are more concerned about APD than Brexit, says Gordon Dewar Like many people and businesses in Scotland, I have concerns about the impact of the Leave result that ... Continue Reading →

Surprise Euro tourism boost for Scotland, but warning over Brexit impact

SCOTLAND experienced a surprise tourism boom this year with thousands more visitors flying into the country and spending more while they are here. The number of overseas tourists rose ... Continue Reading →