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STA responds to UK government's white paper on immigration


 Scotland’s tourism industry body responds to publication of UK government’s white paper on immigration

Marc Crothall, Scottish Tourism Alliance Chief Executive said:

 “The UK Government’s measures on immigration published in today’s white paper could have potentially devastating effects on Scotland’s tourism industry, in particular, a £30,000 minimum salary threshold were this to be passed by legislation following a consultation.

There is no doubt that the government’s plans will exacerbate the existing recruitment crisis considerably, placing our tourism industry and what is one of the most important economic drivers for Scotland in severe jeopardy.

The STA supports the Scottish Government’s proposals for a tailored migration system for Scotland, as outlined in the discussion paper ‘Scotland’s Population Needs and Migration Policy’, including proposals for a Scottish visa that would remove barriers caused by the introduction of the recommended Tier 2 salary cap of a £30,000 threshold as proposed by the MAC. 

Scotland’s situation is unique; we have very fragile areas in our economy and it is more important than ever that we’re able to attract and retain people, particularly in the Highlands and Islands and other rural areas.  We need a differentiated system that is responsive to the specific needs of our tourism industry, our demography and our wider economy and sectors.

The impact of these proposals across local economies, particularly in rural areas in Scotland is likely to be profound. We will be encouraging all tourism businesses to share their views in the consultation outlined in the Home Secretary’s announcement."

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