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ASSC Statement Welcoming Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy


The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC), Scotland’s only trade body representing the traditional short-term letting sector, has issued a statement following the publication of the Scottish Expert Panel on the Collaborate Economy Final Report.

Overall, the ASSC has welcomed the panel’s final report and eagerly anticipates working with the Scottish Government in implementing its contents.

ASSC Chief Executive, Fiona Campbell, said:

“The ASSC broadly welcomes the publication of the Expert Panel’s Final Report and appreciates the hard work and effort that has gone into it.

“We are also grateful that the Expert Panel has taken so much of our contribution into consideration. 

 “In particular, the ASSC is very pleased to see that the panel has recommended that a single code of conduct be applied to the short-term rental sector and has suggested that it may be based upon the one we have developed.

“As the organisation responsible for representing Scotland’s vital traditional short-term rental sector, we are keen to see how the Scottish Government puts the recommendations contained in the report into practice.”

Last Modified: Wednesday 31 January 2018 05:34
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