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Understanding the Digital Tourist – Put Yourself in Their Shoes (HIE Webinar)

26 Apr 2016

Thursday 28 April 2016. 9:30am – 10:15am

Sixty-five percent of all tourists under the age of 35 view their smart phone as an essential travel companion. You need to know how they are using technology to plan, experience and review their trip. What do they need to see to keep them interested and engaged? Knowing exactly who you’re trying to target makes your job easier and makes better use of your budget. This webinar will be exploring how to make use and sense out of the abundance of data and resources currently available; to help you understand your particular visitors better. The session will take you on the tourist’s digital journey – discover how they will find you, engage with you and ultimately help you to build your business, even long after they have returned home.

Book to join this Thursday’s webinar here.

HIE is running a series of live, interactive webinars with a focus on digital over the coming weeks and months. The webinars are a great opportunity for tourism businesses to learn what other businesses have successfully done to overcome a particular business issue or to maximise a business opportunity.

The webinars have been hugely successful, growing in popularity from the very first webinar which attracted 67 businesses to the most recent webinar, attracting 319 tourism businesses from all over Scotland. This is the ‘digital hotspot’ for getting the lowdown on what works for other businesses, snapping up great tried and tested ideas which have helped businesses like yours embrace digital and make leaps into the future.

Click the attachment below for more info on the webinar series running over April and May.

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