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Is your business's property on Scotland's land register?

All land and property in Scotland is due to move to the digital, map-based Land Register of Scotland by 2024. For owners of land or property in the tourism sector, the change presents the opportunity to reduce the cost of future property transactions and gain greater clarity and security of ownership.

If you own land or property in Scotland, your ownership is recorded on one of two public registers: the modern Land Register of Scotland, or the 400 year-old General Register of Sasines. The newer register is replacing the older by 2024, meaning that all property titles still on the sasine register will move to the land register.

Registers of Scotland is the non-ministerial government department responsible for land and property registration. It is encouraging owners with titles on the older register, including hotels, resorts, golf courses, visitor centres and other tourist attractions, to voluntarily move to the land register. 

Unlike the sasine register, which relies on the verbal descriptions of property boundaries contained in deeds, the land register records exact boundaries on a digital map, making it much easier to interrogate.

A title on the land register makes any future property transactions easier, faster and cheaper. It includes a state-backed warranty of title, giving protection against claims of adverse possession. Moving to the land register also allows owners to clarify their exact boundaries, bringing greater certainty and security of ownership. 

Registers of Scotland is offering a 25 per cent discount on its voluntary registration fees until at least mid-2019. It can also offer property owners a number of specialised services to help them through the voluntary registration process. 

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Last Modified: Tuesday 14 November 2017 09:30
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