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National Strategy – Mid Term Review 2016

23 Mar 2016

The national tourism strategy, Tourism Scotland 2020 was launched in June 2012, with an ambition to grow visitor spend by £1bn to 2020.

In October 2015 the Scottish Tourism Alliance, who are responsible for coordinating delivery of the strategy on behalf of the industry, announced that there would be a mid term review, with the findings to be announced at Scottish Tourism Week in March 2016. The purpose of the review was to:

Review progress in the delivery of the ambitions of Tourism Scotland 2020;

Consider changes in the wider market environment;

Make evidence-based decisions on any changes required – either to the strategy itself, associated action plans or the approach to delivery and monitoring;

To identify key priorities for remainder of the strategy period.

The review comprised three workstreams:

Data Review: analysis of progress towards targets, analysis of current economic conditions, discussion of trends affecting future performance (VisitScotland)

Progress to Date: review of activity undertaken; what has been done and what difference it has made; stakeholder interviews and scanning of wider environmental conditions (subcontracted to VMG Consultants, funded by SE/HIE)

Priorities to Close the Gap to 2020: agreement on what needs to be done (continuation of VMG Consultants contract).

TS2020 Mid Term Review Findings

An overview of the key findings from the review can be downloaded here. A full overview of the review process can be found in the TS2020 Mid Term Review – Final Report below, however one consistent finding from the interviews, analysis of activities and workshops was the view that in order to accelerate growth to 2020 there was a need to prioritise. The priorities were agreed through a process of analysis of activities to date, review of existing strategies and priorities, discussion and refinement with the Mid Term Review Group, TS2020 Strategy Group and Scottish Tourism Alliance Council.

In addition to a qualitative and consultative review of the strategy, the latest Key Performance Indicators were also published.

TS2020 Priorities: 2016-2020

With the alignment of tourism strategies across Scotland and other key strategies such as Scottish Government Economic Strategy, and with significant improvements in collaboration between stakeholders since the launch of the strategy, the Tourism Leadership Group, together with public sector partners and Scottish Government, is confident that with firm foundations now in place and continued support, alignment and collaboration, the sector is in a strong position to collectively deliver the 2020 vision.

The industry will be encouraged to continue delivering great experiences and remain focussed on their own local and sectoral strategies. In order to support the industry and create the opportunities and conditions for growth, at a national level the four priorities will be:

Strengthen Digital Capabilities

Strengthen Industry Leadership

Enhance the Quality of the Visitor Experience

Influence Investment, specifically flight access & transport connectivity, built infrastructure, digital connectivity and business growth finance

These priorities were announced to the industry during Scottish Tourism Week 2016.

Key Downloads

Main Documents – Key Findings

TS2020 Mid Term Review – Summary of Key Messages (March 16)

TS2020 Mid Term Review – Final Full Report (March 16)

Presentation from Strategy Group Workshop 2 (Feb 2016)

Presentation to TS2020 Strategy Group

Presentations from Strategy Group Workshop 1 (Dec 2015)

Data Review & Discussion: VisitScotland Insights

VisitScotland Marketing Campaign & Discussion: Charlie Smith, Director of Marketing, VisitScotland

TS2020 Mid Term Review Group

CHAIR: Marc Crothall – STA CEO

Willie Macleod (British Hospitality Assoc Scotland) – STA Council

Barry McCulloch (Federation of Small Businesses) – STA Council

Gordon Dewar (Edinburgh Airport) – STA Strategy Group

Rebecca Brookes (Abbey Tours) – STA Strategy Group

Danny Cusick – Scottish Enterprise

Charlie Smith – VisitScotland

Chris Taylor – Highlands & Islands Enterprise

Fiona Cook – Scottish Government Tourism Team

OFFICER: Caroline Warburton – National Tourism Strategy Delivery Coordinator, STA

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