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STA 12 Days of Christmas Cheer


STA 12 Days of Christmas Cheer

Throughout the 12 days, ‘STA-nta’ will be giving away a fantastic gift to someone in Scotland’s tourism industry who has been nominated by a colleague for being one of the ‘2016 Good Guys’.

It can be someone who has helped them to grow their business, or supported them perhaps through mentoring, training, advice, or maybe it’s someone who has inspired them to do new things or be more innovative in their approach.  It might be someone who makes every day a bit brighter – a fantastic colleague who keeps them feeling ‘up’.  It could be someone who has helped them progress in their career, change jobs, develop new skills or take their business in a different direction.  It might just be someone in the organisation who make that people feel valued and passionate about their job and their workplace.

 Our industry is full of so many brilliant, warm, energetic, passionate and hard working people – we need your help to get the message out far and wide and help us to gather and share all of these thank yous and celebrate the amazing people in our industry.  It could be your CEO, your kitchen porter, Head of Finance (yes really, it could….), social media whizzes, waiters and waitresses,  customer service bods, operations teams, marketing gurus, tour guides - people whose jobs you don’t even understand at all but they just seem to make things better.

We will send four e-blasts out during the 12 days asking for nominations.  People can nominate a colleague to win a gift with a 50 word thank you (sent to us), every day, we’ll pick a winner and that person will be notified and receive their gift in time for Christmas.

On 13 December, we’ll share the full list of thank yous for all to see.

 What we need?


What do you need to do to be an elf?

We need you to:

1.  Push out our e-blast template to your organisation database on four dates between 1 – 12 December(we’re not fussy about specific times but ‘awake time’ is good…we’ll give you the dates and pre-designed templates so that all you need to do is ping straight on to everyone in your organisation/association) so that absolutely everyone who works with you has the chance to nominate a colleague and say thank you.

2.  Raise your hand and say ‘I’ll be an elf’ – Contact Us and let us know your name, email address, position and organisation

That’s it – that’s all you need to do.

Ping four e-blasts out.

We will also give a huge thank you to our team of elves on 13 December, so you can also bask in the warm glow of STA Christmas cheer.

Thank you (go on, be an elf…)

 The STA Team

Last Modified: Thursday 24 November 2016 09:09
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