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STA 12 Days of Christmas Nominees



                           Over the last couple of weeks we have received an influx of 'good guy' nominations to thank tourism superstars for their hard work during 2016. It was a difficult task to pick the winners of the fantastic prizes offered by our generous elves as all of our 'good guys' deserve to be recognised for their hard work, so here is the 2016 STA 12 Days of Christmas 'nice list'. Well done to all our nominees and thank you to our nominators, we hope that you have a lovely Christmas and we wish you all the best for 2017! 



Good Guy Nominated By Thank you
Mark Bird Cathy Craig Thank you Mark for all your hard work and determination in bringing Scotland's first inspirational travel hub to life. When it launches in January it will inspire customer landing at Edinburgh Airport to explore our wonderful country and allow them to purchase tickets to do so. It's a great collaboration between Edinburgh Airport, VisitScotland, Edinburgh Trams and ScotRail. I really appreciate all you have done to achieve this.
Fiona Anderson James Linklater Thanks very much Fiona for all the hard work you have put in this year in Aberdeen/shire and beyond in promoting the destinations of Orkney and Shetland and NorthLink Ferries as the way to travel to them!
Graeme McLean Fiona Murray Thank you , Graeme, for being the friendliest face in mountain biking! Your enthusiasm and knowledge – and the willingness with which you share them both! – are legendary.
Stephenb MacGregor Stephanie Wade Thank you Stephen for going the extra mile to volunteer to help me with my Schools projects in Scotland, thousands more young people now know how they could become a hospitality entrepreneur thanks to your sound advice and inspiring workshops, Hospitality is a career and your valued input helps the pupils understand that it is an industry that they should seriously consider joining!
Peter Griffiths Maggie MacGuire Thank you Peter for all the positivity, calmness, sense of fun and enduring team spirit, even in the face of adversity! Not forgetting the excellent inspiring campaigns and other activities promoting the wonderful west coast!
Lauren Kelly Marc Gardner Lauren Kelly, Bar person at Loch Fyne Hotel & spa. Lauren always, I mean always has a smile and a cheery word for everyone who steps foot in our Loch view Lounge bar at Loch Fyne Hotel & spa. Her people skills are outstanding and her positivity is admirable.
Lisa Weller Christine Roberts  Thank you Lisa Weller for your friendship when I took the huge step of moving from Argyll to Caithness and for believing in me and my ideas. Through your success in setting up the Last House Gallery pop-up this year, we've proved that dreams can be realised and are working with others in Caithness to develop a creative co-operative at John O'Groats.  Through your determination, positivity and gutsy self-belief, you've inspired me to believe in myself enough to set up my own Hospitality & Tourism Consultancy this year. Thank you really isn't enough!
Anna Begg Ellie Lamont Thank you Anna for being at my right hand and making sure that everything runs smoothly on the office side of our businesses.  And Anna goes off on maternity leave this month so a prize would be great for her! She’s even waiting until a few days before her due date to look after me – what a girl!
Abi Carey John Shearer  
Karen Donnelly Clare Gemmell Thank you Karen Donnelly for doing so much for the whole of the Loch Lomond area, without you ..... we are a big expanse of beautiful water..... with you everyone wants to come and see it!
James Ross Heather Robertson Thank you James for being so helpful whenever I ask for help.
Will Stockham Sarah Bartholomew Thank you Will Stockham for being such a fantastic boss, for making work interesting and a great place to be.  For encouraging me to push myself and for accepting the job in the first place.  I've enjoyed this year so much and am looking forward to what next year holds.
Jane Gillies Stevie Christie Thank you Jane! You’ve been with us for almost 4 years now, on a part-time basis. Few people are so badly missed on the days when they’re not in the office! Every day that you’re here, you quietly go about your work, knocking off tasks at an incredible rate. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you complain about anything, you’re always willing to take on new tasks (including the challenging and dull ones that not many others volunteer for), and everything you do is with our clients’ best interests at heart. The ultimate ‘good guy’! I know that everyone in our team will stand behind this nomination. Thank you!
Chloe, Sarah and Jo Ian Whitaker Thank you Chloe, Sarah & Jo for the fantastic contribution you have made to make the 2016 season at Cawdor Castle so successful. Your energy built up a great team and the feedback from our customers on the service delivered was first class. Even on the difficult days your positive and fun attitude made the days work well and you were all always smiling. Amazing team to work with.
John Lovett Beth MacLeod You have been with us since we opened 15 and ½ years ago and thus you are the longest serving member of staff.You celebrated your 60 birthday this year and yet you still put the team to shame with your enthusiasm, dedication and hard work. The title doesn’t do you justice. Tasks that you regularly complete without a sideways glance include, fixing cars for guests who have broken down or got stuck in the snow or have burst a tyre or their battery is flat. And you do the same for all the staff too!In addition to the usual lightbulbs and blocked toilets, you fix just about every technical gadget in the kitchen that chooses to blow up just before a major event. Such as coming out on New Year’s Eve – in a storm to get the electricity back on when a major fuse blew, or fixing the fridges when they decide to cook the wine instead of chill it. You have decorated every bedroom at least twice including all the carpet laying! - sometimes 3 or four times. And when the extension to the hotel was built you fitted out the entire inside including all the bathrooms and the decoration. You often work 6 days a week – unasked, come in late, early, weekends, during your hols, and always at the most inconvenient time to dig us out of a hole….. and you never complain. We want you to know we are very grateful and hope that we realise how lucky we are to have you.    
Jillian McEwan Hilary Tasker Thank you Jillian for heading up The Food Life group. This fantastic group of businesses have transformed the way people eat at local events, giving visitors the choice of excellent, local food, served by people who are passionate about what they do. You have worked so hard to co-ordinate this group and put on your own events, as well as helping out many other events across Angus. And you give up your own time to do this, despite having your own business to run. You really do deserve a treat!
Aaron Gray Andrew Donaldson Thank you Aaron  for giving so freely of yourself so that so many people can enjoy the benefits of getting on a bike again. You give and in turn so many more people give back.
Linda Arthur Beth Harley Thank you Linda Arthur for taking time out to visit my Hnd Students and providing them with an insight into Scottish tourism and the Scottish tourism Guide association (Blue badge guide). 2016 highlight for our learners.

John Spacey Amanda Kilburn Thank you John for your all-round positive, can do attitude and for your brilliant work on our social media. As well as this your sensible input towards ensuring our visitors enjoy their visit is always welcome. You, like many others here, are a volunteer and have a full time job too so giving up your time for our visitors and other volunteer and staff members is even more appreciated.
Carina Contini Doug Cook Carina Contini has worked hard to establish a new tourism destination restaurant at Cannonball House on Castle Hill in the Old Town. It has not been an easy journey, but she has remained focused on what the tourist market require in that part of the Old Town and she has changed and adjusted her restaurant considerably to ensure she provides the offering that the tourists require.  I think in light of all this work she has now produced a spectacular restaurant that caters well for the needs of Tourists in that part of the old town and personally I think the old town is much better for having a restaurant like Cannonball House.  However, I do think more needs to be done to continue to raise the standards of establishments in the Old Town if Edinburgh is to properly cater for the expectations of our tourists.  Within all this, Carina Contini’s personal contribution has been considerable and exemplary – thus I think she amongst others would be a worthy candidate for your ‘Good Guy’ awards.  
Paula Bushell Joanna MacPherson Thank you Paula Bushell for constantly remaining calm and positive whatever life throws at us as we press on with developing Discover Scottish Gardens and promoting it, and in addition for your amazing array of marketing skills which have enabled the group to progress so effectively
Holly Sellers Stephen Montgomery Thank you Holly, you have been an inspiration to the team you manage. Yo joined us at the beginning of 2016, and have gone on to become an integral part of our team here at the Townhead Hotel. You have proven yourself as a fantastic leader, which instills confidence in the rest of your team. You always manage a smile, an encouraging word, and a gentle manner in everything you do.
Honor Gibson Stephen Montgomery Thank you Honor for the fantastic way you treat our customers. You have proven yourself time and time again through your charismatic personality, as an ambassador for the Townhead Hotel. We have had many comments about how welcoming you are, how you are able to make our customers feel special, and well looked after. We are "Honoured Honor" to have you as part of our wee team!!
David Smythe Melinda Kennedy Thank you David for the passion and commitment you have for our industry and all that you personally and professionally do to help Government understand the needs and value of self-catering in Scotland.
David Smythe Matthew Haggis Thank you David, for steering the ASSC through many years of change and professionalization, culminating this year a flurry of well-supported major projects which will have a significant impact on the way the self-catering sector will be perceived within Scottish tourism. 
Kim Proven Gail McGuffie Kim Proven took over as Chair of LETi (Loch Earn Tourism information a few years ago and has worked tirelessly representing the villages of Balquhidder, Lochearnhead, Strathyre and St Fillans with government, the media and when other initiatives pop up.  This year, she was responsible for the BLiSS Art Trail, galvanising support from members and artists, which has resulted in LETi winning a regional Thistle Award for Working Together For Tourism. The bulk of the membership of LETi offers accommodation from hotels to B&Bs.  Kim herself has cottages which she holiday lets.
Lozinka Gergova John Shearer She is passionate about the business and Scotland.  
Julia Campbell John Shearer  
Nan Hay Colin McLeod Thank you for all your hard work in 2016.
Claire Allan Graham Blaikie Claire Allan has been the back bone of my business for 12 years . Come rain , snow , cold , other ilnessss she has always been there . Her commitment is second to none . Even when everything is going against her she never lets it get on top of her . If all my staff were half as committed as her my life would be a lot simpler. That's just the tip of the ice berg...
Claire Murray Graham Blaikie  
Alex Barr Simm Susie Hume Thank you for being the super busy hard working multi tasker for the many businesses on East Loch Lomond who rely on you. Your forward thinking and problem solving skills have saved the day many times! Also for your caring attitude towards the elderly who value your friendship and support.  
Susie Cowan Tricia Kennedy  
Victoria Ballantyne  Becky Shaw Thank you Vic, for always being so welcoming to our visiting musicians/bands and looking after them so well.
Pietro Cecchini Donna McHugh You have remained as hard working, upbeat, and thorough as you were at university, and I have been lucky enough to benefit from both your confidence and your expansive network at events over the last few years.  I am always delighted when you will be at the same event as me both professionally and personally, and hope that our professional paths will continue to cross in whatever new guise you appear in the new Year.       
Gill Thomson Stewart Pritchard Thank you Gill.... for making time in your hectic schedule to help our Battleby Conference Centre and National Nature Reserves achieve their Green Tourism Business Scheme accolades.
Veronica Simpson Rachel Tait  
Gayle Butler Stephanie Wade Thank you Gayle for always believing in me no matter what, and jumping in with two feet in to every idea or project I have no matter how big or crazy it seems, you have never let me down and you are always right behind me to support whatever the cause is, we share the same values and work ethic and you are a very special lady! I am very lucky to have had your support & loyalty for the last 5 years on our journey from bartenders to business women!
Shelia Saxby  Carol Thomas  Thank you Sheila Saxby for your help, support, and encouragement.  You make being in business by myself and for myself a much nicer experience.  Your willingness to look at how our respective business can help and support each other is invaluable. 
Piotr Gudan star Brenda Roddy and Suzanne Cumiskey

"Thank you Piotr for being so enthusiastic about getting diverse businesses and regions to work together. you get the big picture, you're bursting with positivity & we always know that our guests will have a fantastic time when they're out with you."

"Thank you for taking a collaborative inclusive approach to adventure tourism for City of Perth and Perthshire."


Janina Sweetenham Lorraine Hunter  Thank you Janina for being a truly positive force for positive change at Leuchie House. You have helped embed our Five Star Philosophy within the culture of Leuchie House national respite centre, ensuring a five star experience for all Leuchie House guests, centred on professionalism, wellbeing and customer service. You’ve done all that while being one of the cheeriest, upbeat people we could hope to work with, transmitting your passion, energy and enthusiasm to all the team.
Lynda McGuigan  Lynn Pitt Thank you Lynda for all your hard work promoting the Fraserburgh area. 
Matthew Cooper Christine Cooper Thank you Matthew for helping me grow the business I started in 2005.Your dedication and support in welcoming visitors to the cottages we care for by means of social media and other advertising channels helps this area sustain a good all year round business for shops, restaurants and visitor attractions. Your help is invaluable.
Amanda Kilburn  Tracey Martin  Thank you Amanda for securing 4 star status for Boness and Kinneil Railway
Christine Carter Clare Winskill Thank you Christine for all your hard work over 2016 and for supporting us as we expand the business.  
Agnes Flett Graham Watson At almost 80 years of age, she has worked at The Grill for nearly 40 years and has always been a credit to herself and the pub. She is always willing to make people feel at home, from customers old and new, to staff members young and old. 2016 has been a particularly difficult year for Agnes on a personal level, but throughout all her difficult times she has remained her cheery, friendly self.
Kate Bouchier-Hayes Susan Russell Thank you Kate for all your work and passion on the creation and delivery of the @edfests #socialstroll programme throughout 2016. A great example of digital innovation which delivered engagement across the cultural and tourism sectors through amplifying content to promote our world-leading festival
 Kim Proven Gail McGuffie  
 Kenny Higgins  Kim Proven Thank you Kenny for your commitment and getting things done, in addition to your community outdoor activities business.  For tourism promotion and collaboration and dedication to the community of Strathyre as; Vice Chair of LETi, One of the Strathyre Music Festival founders, member of Strathyre Village association, volunteer ranger, inspiring Strathyre primary and other children e.g. kids football coaching and so much more
 Kim Proven Alex Gargolinksi Thank you Kim for giving us a beautiful sculpture trail and bringing tourists to our village network. They would say it couldn't be done...but your hard work proved it could. A tremendous result for all to see.
 Chris Morgan Chrissie Morgan I am nominating my husband because he always strives to search for ways we can look after the wildlife on and around our Croft better.  We both are very committed to working as harmoniously as we possibly can at home, on our Croft and in our self catering business.  My husband has worked hard to ensure that we have the most efficient and Green way to provide heating and hot water for our home and business.

Garry Brown Jaci Stewart Garry joined the company in August, during his short time with the company he has managed to save the company from producing more Co2 pollution than normal due to changing over our lighting to LED. Garry has manage to change 112 lamps & fittings, saving the company £1940.00 per year, reducing our Co2 by 7300KG. He has an amazing ability to sort any problems that occur and has become an asset to the Theatre.
Ada MacKenzie Mo Younie Thank you Ada Mackenzie for all your brilliant work in mentoring and guiding the Millburn Academy pupils who come to our hostel to get help and guidance. These are pupils who have learning difficulties and who struggle with everyday issues and she has been absolutely fantastic with them and given them a lot of her time. The pupils have very much enjoyed their time working at the hostel and clearly love Ada too. She is a tower of strength to them and to the other hostel employees. They are to receive a certificate from SYHA next week but it would be fantastic if Ada received recognition for her work as well.

Kayleigh Wilkinson  John Shearer Kayleigh started on a work placement scheme five years ago.She is now Food and Beverage Supervisor. Her commitment to the business and customers is unparalleled. We are looking forward to the next 5 years and further progress within the company.
Tracey Martin Peter Reid A massive, massive thank you to Tracey for her considerable resourcefulness, patience and tenacity in supporting and reacting to the phenomenal community, national and international interest that has descended on the Falkirk area over the last two years and her driving the Falkirk area forward, carolling tourism partners into an effective visitor branded community and firmly defining, establishing and placing the area on the tourism destination map as the ‘new kid on the block’ visitor destination
 Liz Drysdale Ailsa Henderson Thank you Liz Drysdale for your unfailing enthusiasm energy and support for ABBA and its members.
Stuart Douglas  Zsolt Jakri Thank you Stuart for the last year or so. It has been a pleasure catching up with you for our regular coffees and discussing ideas – in fact, for most of the time you just had to listen to my moans! It was great to be able to bounce ideas off each other and share best practices. It was always great support I got from you. You are a great guy; good luck in your new role!

John Noddings Jane Maguire Thank you John for being such a stalwart in the hospitality industry and our wee business in particular.  After 30+ years in this industry you have witnessed and experienced many peaks and troughs and huge changes in customer demands and expectations, and in marketing and technology; and yet you have embraced everything in your stride and endeavoured to make sure any negative (perceived or otherwise) is turned into a positive for the customer, the industry, our island home and our business. Quiet and unassuming, you champion Scotland’s tourism industry and the Isle of Mull’s in particular - you are my inspiration every single day. Thank you.
Erin Prior Clare Dolan Thank you Erin Prior for being an awesome friend and colleague throughout 2016 and the previous years we've worked together! Despite not being Scottish you work incredibly hard to welcome people to Scotland and have spent a lot of 2016 going through the difficult process of extending you visa and being able to live and work here for another few years - we're very happy to have you
Alex Barr Simm Susie Hume Thank you for being the super busy hard working multi tasker for the many businesses on East Loch Lomond who rely on you. Your forward thinking and problem solving skills have saved the day many times! Also for your caring attitude towards the elderly who value your friendship and support.  
 Hannah-Ruth Garrett Eilidh Macnaughton Thank you for embracing life in Inverness and adapting and learning about the Highland Hospitality Industry so quickly.  You have become a recognised part of our team since joining in March and you have shown great enthusiasm and interest in both our business and Scotland.
Joanne Page Michael Taylor A huge thank you for all you do in managing our busy hire fleet. Your enthusiasm never wanes, even when a not-so-fresh chemical toilet presents itself! Our customers, and the feedback that they leave for you, reflects your desire to ensure that everyone who has booked an adventure with us has the time of their lives. Very rarely is a smile far from your face, something which rubs off on the whole team. Never lose the passion!!
Anne Benson Jane Dekker Thank you Annie for your tireless working in keeping Rannoch and Tummel such a wonderful place for people to visit. I also need to thank all of your other volunteer friends however without your coordination so much less would be achieved. From organising walks along some our wonderful routes in the area, coordinating path maintenance and clearance with local and visiting volunteers, organising our new paths network leaflet with Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust, making sure local businesses and Visit Scotland are kept up to date, the list goes on. We do not say thank you enough to you so hopefully this nomination will go some way to addressing that!
Emma Sinclair Veronica Burke Thank you, Emma, for all your careful and attentive work across the year: growing food, serving customers, helping to develop the business.. and always being a calm, positive and respectful presence in every situation.
Mary Milliken Billy Gold You have worked in the Jessie for thirty years during which time you have done so much to make the pub the  integral part of the local community it is whether its the rota the wages the bonus ball or just keepin me right or feeding the customers theres nobody better at customer service  Thank you May!
David Smythe Geraldine Hamilton Thank you, David,  for giving so much of your time to building and continuing to sustain the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers  over the last few decades. Without your steer, the organisation would not be where it is now.  How you also manage to find the time to farm and indulge your love of music and culture  is something I (and others)  have never fathomed out.   You are a “wise man” indeed.
Evelyn Whitelaw Melissa Reilly What a busy year you’ve had, Evelyn! From the huge undertaking of planning the Antiques Roadshow at New Lanark in the summer to truly getting into the Christmas Spirit and being our Super-Elf at the Christmas Events! Thanks for all your hard work, have an amazing time in Australia this Christmas! x
Audrey Carter Linda Battison Thank you Audrey – you have done a great job for OLTA over the last two years handling the accounts during the Association’s transfer to a cooperative company limited by guarantee. Enjoy your retirement from the role of treasurer – I am sure you will remain an active member of OLTA and a enthusiastic supporter of the tourism sector in Oban and Lorn. 
Hannah Taylor Louise Kelly Thanks for being a top notch colleague! Always on it with your design goodness… But more importantly – coffee, vanilla syrup, meeting doodles, photbox fun and some top notch bantz. Cheers for being my Lux pal!!
Andrea Thompson Andrew Jardine Thank you for continuing to recognise and promote Dumfries & Galloway to the World.  For keeping the standard of the work very high, indeed at an award winning Level!  Thank you for giving lots of support to Photographers out there in the Region . 

 John Hind  Jane Richmond  I do not have the words to thank John enough for all he has done over the 10 years he has been with me. I have so many cards, letters and testimonials from clients over the years praising his sense of  humour, good nature, friendliness and helpfulness above and beyond that I have certainly lost count. He is so much more than a driver and a guide as he has helped keep the business running smoothly and taken on jobs well outside his remit in times when I have struggled with my health. I know that I am so lucky to have him and would want him to know this in any way that I can.
Aileen Lamb  Karen Craib Thank you Aileen Lamb!  You have faced one of the most challenging and difficult years of your life this past year.  From your diagnosis almost 15 months ago with myeloid leukaemia, your strength, courage and determination as you journeyed through your treatment, your stem cell transplant and your subsequent virtually miraculous recovery has been an inspiration to us all - from your team at Scottish Enterprise and far beyond!  Thank you for being as feisty, determined, (at times) stubborn and as strong as you clearly are.  I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we are very grateful and lucky to have you back with us....
Elaine Johnson David Roy Thanks for being the most effective caddy master possible. This is an arduous task that you have carried out with grace and dignity and kept everyone happy in an area of our industry not known for equilibrium!
Margaret Hutcheson Laura Bruce Thank you Margaret for consistently setting the highest possible standard for your guests, and for making my job helping promote your family business so simple! Your commitment to looking after your guests goes above and beyond what I have encountered in 25+ years in tourism promotion. You are an example to hospitality operators across Scotland, and beyond!

Paul Hicks Lynne Lino Thank you to Paul who is the heart of our operations at Candacraig. From rescuing me from visiting bats at all hours of the night to working round the clock shifts making sure our guests have a first class service, you are the man! You make this place tick.  Thank you for working over Christmas AND New Year this year without a grumble. Top class!     
Susan Young Sophie Proffitt Susan Young is an absolutely fantastic asset to her organisation. Her commitment to helping hospitality businesses improve their profitability, understated confidence and dedication to the industry is outstanding
Alexandra MacDonald  Andrew Leahy Thank you Alexandra. Not only have you worked hard to help Crieff Hydro become more resource efficient again this year, but by taking time-out to share all your experience by presenting at Resource Efficient Scotland workshops, webinars and tours, your enthusiasm, knowledge and successes have inspired many other businesses to take action and reduce their environmental impact too. Thank you.

Louise Brobyn Toni Dawson Thank you Louise. Your hard work and dedication this year has helped me grow my business to an unimaginable level this year. Without your support none of these amazing developments would’ve/could’ve happened.  You’ve been a joy to work with and an incredible asset to my business. Here’s to 2017 and the ‘ride of our lives!’ x
Claire Bruce Victoria Grozier My thank you to them: You’ve been an inspiration and support to many in the industry, especially over the last year following Storm Frank. You are an unstoppable ambassador for the area with a great vision and passion for the Royal Deeside. Thank you for being a wonderful person and a supportive leader, for embracing innovation as much as you have and being an advocate for it.
Dot Wylie and Scott Taylor Adriana Boffa I want to nominate Dot and Scott from the STGA booking office as they have given me quite a bit of work during the 2016 season.

Eleanor McBain  Ali Campbell Eleanor holds the ASSC together. She deals with everyone in a patient, kind and knowledgable manner, even my scatterbrained antics!
Rachel Burnside Eugene Taylor Thank you for delivering outstanding customer service every second of every day at Caffe Scozia Rachel!  Your dedication is greatfully appreciated!
Deborah Hodgson  Caroline Logan  Thank you Debs for being a Fabulous "All Round" Great Guy: Debs has been absolutely fantastic since coming on board two Seasons ago.  Has turned her hand to anything and always so cheerful and  great with the guests - a real trouper! 
Shelia Gilmore Alison Page I feel that Sheila tirelessly and continually promotes our lovely island and island businesses in such a positive light.  She works extremely hard, puts her absolute heart and soul into everything she does and is a real ambassador for Arran. Well done that woman!!!     
Sarah Jane Smith Aimee Lightowler  Thank you for your endless enthusiasm and engagement with our company Green policies. You've done a brilliant job throughout the year to encourage others in the team and especially over the last few months, have excelled in organising and documenting everything for our GTBS inspection! Thanks for all your efforts!
Lesley Simpson Colin Cromar Thank you Lesley, you never let us down, always first to cover a shift if someone is off – you are so reliable and have worked with me for many years now – I would not be without you and thank you for your loyalty and hard work! You’re the best & deserve a treat!

Lauren Johnstone Derek Shand Lauren supports the tourism business on arran by administering the provision of grants to support tourist activities,through North Ayrshire Council and Business Gateway, administering courses to enable businesses to trade more profitably and by organising events to ensure that Arran businesses know all about new processes and advantages for their businesses.
Judy Whyte Keith Whyte Thank you for all you do on behalf of businesses and the community here in Inverurie in so positively supporting our area and all that it has to offer when speaking with customers/visitors to our business, telling them just what great attractions and offerings our area has to offer the visiting “holidaying tourist” and the local “residential tourist!” You make us proud!
Scott Davies Shirley and Eddie Spear During 2017, Scott has taken the business to a whole new level,  not only with his outstanding creativity in the kitchen, but also, with his professionalism in addressing many crucial administrative tasks. His enthusiasm for training his team, developing new relationships with more local suppliers and also, local schools and colleges, knows no bounds. He has worked hard relentlessly and deserves a huge thank you and best wishes for a well-earned break over Christmas and New Year. 

Helen Dick Leonard Gow Thank you for all you have done to help tourism in Cowal.
Carron Tobin Helen Dick Thank you Carron for being Mrs AITC!  You are a great team leader, always there for any one of us, day or night!  Your dedication to your job is way beyond the call of duty!  Have a Happy Christmas!
Nicola Potts Helen Dick Thank you Nicola for being a great support to me in the day to day running of the business - I know I can always rely on you!  You make my job much more enjoyable and I know the rest of the team and all of our customers would agree that you always go the extra mile to ensure everyone is happy!  Thank you and Happy Christmas



Andrew Scott Thank you for keeping us all on the path of straight and narrow for 2016. Your sanity has allowed me to remain insane. Thank you for switching cap from Victus to accounts, from Heaven Scent to advisor and just basically being there! Kate has been with us for 7 years through very turbulent times. She is the first to offer to help, even to he point she wrote and entire speech for me to host a wedding in Italian just to make our guests feel extra at home here in Scotland .You are a star and we need you x   

Nicola Reid Mark Baird Since taking over the reins of Learning for Life earlier this year, Nicola’s enthusiasm, energy and passion for improving young people’s lives has really re-energised the programme by getting many more Diageo volunteers involved in mentoring and coaching the students, improving the programme , creating a monthly Learning for Life Newsletter and developing plans for the long term future sustainability of the programme.

Audrey Macmillan John Shearer Audrey has been with Shearer Hotels since we took over. She is excellent with both staff and customers. Audrey is always available even on her days off. She is the backbone of the organisation.
Amanda Burns Kerri-Anne McAlees Thank you for helping me settle in my new role this year.
Peter Hutchinson Donald Macleod Pete your boss does know you exist and he appreciates all you have done in making Hold Fast units..the greatest sounding, with fantastic lighting which in turn has made them the best. and busiest venues and clubs in Scotland, attracting the very best of  talent from across the world and again made The Garage ( Glasgow and Aberdeen ) and The Cathouse the nation’s top club venues for both punters and artistes. Hope you win mate!
Alistair Bruce John Murray and Ann Camus  As Chair of Fife Tourism Partnership, Alistair Bruce has been on hand for the partnership whenever called upon. From fronting partnership events (as well as our bi-annual Tourism conference) to involving his staff in WorldHost, Alistair has done all this and much more, whilst also chairing the Dunfermline Local Tourist Association and is General Manager at BEST WESTERN PLUS Keavil House Hotel.
Pauline Randall Linn Williamson Pauline has always supported me in my business and offers free support and advice whenever I need it. Pauline focuses on social media and websites and she has kept me up to date with changes. Pauline's husband has recently taken ill and is in hospital in Aberdeen and this treat would really give them both a much needed boost. 
Alistair Bruce Ann Camus Thank you Alistair for all of your support since taking up the position of Chair of the Fife Tourism Partnership three years ago. You’re are always there when we need you, whether it’s to quote for an urgent press release, to host the Tourism Conference or just simply your continued good words of praise for what we do. 
Morven Gourlay Lara Haggerty  Thank you Morven for being an all-round Good Guy.  Working with you is a pleasure, nothing is too much trouble for you, from special diets to last minute orders, and you and your team are always smiling.  You help make our welcome to visitors one of the best in Perthshire and Scotland.
Dot Wylie

Marilyn Hunter

Sue Gruellich

Viola Lewis

Marianne Everett

Kristine Sander


"Dot is always cheerful, helpful, encouraging and fun when dealing with bookings for the Scottish Tourist Guides Association.  She has for years helped allocate guides to requests and even under extreme stress in the high season, has done her work calmly and with efficiency.  She is a STAR!  The Association could not do without her!  Thank you, Dot." 

"Thank you Dot, for your dedication to the Scottish Tourist Guides Association for the past 15 years. Your ability to match the right guide with the right client at the right price has resulted in a very successful personal service for all concerned. And all with a great wit and wisdom."

"Thank you, Dot, for embracing the storm of enquiries over the seasons and finding the right STGA Tourist Guide for the client, no matter how last minute or how obscure the request. You are always there on the other end of the phone or e-mail, with a smile on your face and a hard bargaining head. This little gift is from one of the guides on behalf of all of us."

"My thank you to Dot, hearing your voice at whatever hour of the day is always cheery.  It makes my questions less stupid and the message you have for me even better."

"Dot has been an outstanding support to assure work coming to members of the Scottish Tourist guide association over many years.  Potential visitors contact the office and she will find the best guide to suit groups or individuals.  Visitors  mention the efficiently and friendliness with which she carries out  her job"

Ann Fletcher  Judith FIsh Didn't think I needed you after 29 yrs , how  wrong could I be ! Everything ship shaped finally, all ticked ,filed and complete from staff induction ,training , all policies, e.mails , HR , marketing and social media , couldn't live without you.
Carolyn Littlewood Judith Fish My thank you to them: for morphing into me during my absence , and doing a superb job of it !x
Murray Manson Judith Fish My thank you to them: for doing such an excellent job in stepping up as Manager these past months , you have been amazing.

Mike Jardine and Lesley Beck Fiona Dally Thank you for the years of enthusiasm and contribution to the events sector for Scotland.
Hannah Ward Blair Moglia  
Lozinka Gergova John Shearer Lozinka is originally Bulgarian,she came to Scotland started work  in fish factories,gained a degree in music from Herriot Watt, Started working for Shearer Hotels as a housekeeper and is now a Hotel Supervisor. She is about to complete a masters degree and become a Scottish citizen. She has a husband and two children,who will surely grow up to be great Scottish Citizens. A great Christmas story.
Caroline Warburton Judy Rae Thank you for your pragmatic  guidance and navigation through the relevant strategic activities, documents  and economic outputs that help inform the TS2020 assets groups. Your  support and enthusiasm  has helped the BTFS group develop an ambitious Thought Leadership agenda while aligning with the Midterm review outputs to support Tourism growth for Scotland  
Adelle Chessor Steve Harris Thank you for your relentless happiness and positivity; your willingness to help others; your support for businesses great and small that wouldn’t know a like “tweet” from a like “like “and putting Aberdeen/shire at the top of the digital map!
Matthew McNee Sue Gruellich Thank you Matthew McNee for being such a good coach driver.  Always cheerful, a great partner to work with on a tour of Scotland.  You obviously love touring with visitors from around the world and share your passion for the country with all on board.  It's great to work with someone who is reliable, conscientious and above all fun.  We all have a great holiday together!
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