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About the Scottish Tourism Alliance

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Our organisation 

The Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) is the overarching industry leadership group for tourism and the leading voice for the tourism sector in Scotland.

We are an independent trade body comprising of more than 250 trade associations , businesses, destination groups and other organisations with an interest in tourism. Having more than 70% of tourism business directly or indirectly under the umbrella of our membership our voice is one that is held in high regard by Scottish Government and other bodies.

The STA is also a member of the UK Tourism Industry Council representing the views of the Scottish Tourism industry at the UK Govt.

Tourism is acknowledged by the Scottish Government as being "Scotland’s most important industry”.  Our job is to ‘lead on industry matters’, representing the views of our members and actively seeking supportive change at policy level to enable the tourism industry in Scotland to reach its growth ambition and perform as Scotland’s main economic driver.

Our mission

To play a pivotal role in enabling the tourism sector to grow by:

  • Influencing key stakeholders to create the right conditions for growth and profitability
  • Raising the profile of Scottish Tourism by highlighting the impact of the industry 

Our vision

To lead an engaged and united Scottish Tourism Alliance in the delivery of an ambitious shared strategy for growth.

What we do

As the independent voice of Scotland’s tourism industry, the STA:

  • Represents the industry – we are the voice of the tourism industry
  • Listens to businesses – we are the ear of the tourism industry
  • Drives growth of our industry by creating the conditions for our industry to be as competitive as we should be
  • Influences policy – we meet regularly with Scottish Government and Scotland’s main political parties to bring about supportive change at policy level
  • Build and inspire industry ambition and knowledge to deliver growth 

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Tourism is everybody’s business. Join the STA add your voice and support to help influence and enable the future growth of Scotland’s tourism.


 Official Papers

Articles of Association with Resolution amendment (adopted 1 Oct 2015)

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