Prepare for Brexit


Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies have developed a dedicated website to help businesses prepare for the challenges and opportunities presented by Brexit

No matter your size, if you export or not, Brexit is almost certainly relevant to your businesses.  

A common question we hear from our members, “How can I plan for Brexit when I don’t know what it looks like?” 

There is no simple answer. we know businesses need to prepare for a range of potential outcomes. Given we currently don’t know the final outcome of Brexit – and we won’t for some time – planning activity just now must be flexible and adaptive.  

There are some simple, practical steps that everyone can take to start planning. To help with this, has been launched which gives businesses access to a range of resources.

Brexit self-assessment tool 

The self-assessment tool will raise your awareness of the risks, rewards and challenges of the new economic landscape by highlighting areas that you need to plan for. The results will direct you to resources, advice, events and services to help you develop your plans.

Start your self-assessment here: