Destinations, Towns & Cities

Destinations, Towns, Cities


A destination is at the heart of the visitor experience and are key to the successful delivery of Tourism Scotland 2020. Destinations are where the visitor eats, sleeps, discovers and explores.

At a national level across Scotland’s many distinct destinations, four themes were identified namely:

  1. National Framework: build a coherent and widely understood approach to destinations and their role in delivering the strategy (the ‘Rocket’).
  2. Funding Alignment for Destinations: align funding to TS2020 priorities for destinations.
  3. Joining Up Destinations – Sharing Ideas: there is much to be learned from sharing ideas and approaches between the different tourism groups.
  4. Industry Barometer: there is currently no widely implemented measure of customer experience or business performance. Different destinations do different things.

Since the strategy’s launch, a number of destinations have aligned their own strategies to TS2020, including:

Let us know if we’ve missed any.

q  For information about destination organisations, go to Your Voice on our Big Five Questions page about getting involved.