Effective leadership at business, region, sector and national levels is fundamental to the delivery of the strategy and the long-term success of tourism in Scotland. 

The Mid Term Review has shown that over the last three years, the industry has come together and through the collective voice of the Scottish Tourism Alliance, asset groups and many other destination and sectoral groups, the sector has articulated the ambition, opportunities and issues that will drive growth. There is however much more to be done. 

We need to ensure that we are supporting and encouraging all leaders – today and our leaders of tomorrow. We need to look beyond our own businesses and regions to our international competitors and forward into the future to better understand what our next generation of travellers will be buying.

Of particular relevance to the tourism industry are:

  • Secure and build on the considerable progress made by existing leadership forums to ensure an effective voice for the tourism industry. We need to continue to improve alignment of the sector and maintain focus on ensuring sustainable leadership and business models.

  • Champion leadership development. There are lots of excellent training opportunities already available; we will encourage more of our industry to grab these opportunities themselves and to encourage and release their teams to take part too.

  • Looking to the future. We need to develop a more international mindset to sharpen our focus on our markets and our competitors, both now and in the future. We need to establish ways to ensure future horizon scanning activities are undertaken to enable destinations, sectors and businesses to plan for the future.

  • Leading competitive businesses. Working with leaders at all levels, we will address our sustainability objectives and drive business profitability and competitiveness.

  • Tomorrow’s talent. We must take the time now to invest in our leaders of the future. If we fail to do so our success will be fleeting. We will integrate a mixture of training, mentoring and development opportunities targeted at these emerging leaders across all of our activity and encourage our key partners to do the same.

  • Tourism is every leader’s business. There are a lot of great leaders who don’t realise they are in tourism. We will approach leaders on the fringes to draw in that talent and to help to make sure that tourism in every Scottish leaders’ business.

Key Initiatives

Destinations Leaders Programme

The award-winning Destination Leaders Programme (DLP) is an eight month course designed to develop and support leaders within tourism destinations.

The programme runs from October to May and consists of four one-day workshops, two residential weekends, an assessed leadership project and a destination learning journey.

The need for tailored support to develop destination leadership skills in Scotland was identified by TS2020 strategy and destination strategies.

Visit the DLP website >>

Future demand for destination leadership support is currently being assessed, and delivery after 2018 will take into account the opportunities identified in the national tourism strategy and destination strategies

Aspiring Leaders Programme (Glasgow Welcomes)

Glasgow Welcomes (GW) is a unique industry-led public/private sector partnership that aims to deliver world-class customer service to all leisure and business visitors.

Launched in 2010, GW was created by the industry for the industry. 

Glasgow Welcomes supports businesses and individuals by providing workshops, events, tools, techniques and resources. The initiative has raised employees' skills and motivation, increased customer satisfaction, and encouraged new business collaborations.

Visit the Glasgow Welcomes website >>

Next programme begins Autumn 2018