Making Progress

"To make Scotland a destination of first choice for a high quality, value for money and memorable customer experience, delivered by skilled and passionate people”.

In addition to total visitor spend, targets have also been set for specific growth markets.

Progress to Date

Below are graphics which show the most recent data available for each KPIs. Additional reports are available here.

Total Scotland visitor spend 2010-2015

Total Scotland Spend by Market 2010 - 2015

Scotland Visitor Satisfaction 2012

Scotland Average Visitor Spend 2010 - 2015

Scotland Total Tourism Turnover 2010 - 2013

Total Tourism Employment 2010 - 2014

Further Reports

2017 Figures: Annual Report

2015 Figures: Mid Term Review (published March 2016)

2014 Figures: Tourism in Numbers 2014 (published March 2015)