Overview - National Strategic Priorities

At the end of 2015, a Mid Term Review of the strategy's direction was undertaken. The review, announced at Scottish Tourism Week 2016, put forward a focus on four key priorities. These priorities would build on, support and accelerate existing activities underway within the sector.

The industry is encouraged to continue its focus on the delivery of their own local and sectoral strategies and in order to support this activity and create opportunities for growth, the four priorities at a national level will be:

Strengthen Industry Leadership

Members of Tourism Leadership GroupEffective leadership at business, region, sector and national levels is fundamental. Put simply, without it, we will not deliver our 2020 vision and the progress to date will be lost.


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Strengthen Digital Capabilities

digitalMTRCan you believe that digital was only mentioned three times in the original strategy? In 2016, digital has become the focus.


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Influence Investment

Influencing InvestmentOur visitors’ journey to and around Scotland is dependent on many components, many of which are beyond the immediate influence of the tourism industry and are long-term in the planning and delivery. As the industry works better together and strategies are aligned, the role which the tourism sector can play in influencing and shaping investment decisions has become evident.


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Enhance the Quality of the Visitor Experience

Quality of the Visitor Experiene The visitor remains at the heart of TS2020. If we are to drive growth then we need to outperform the competition through delivering the best genuine visitor experiences we can. We must grow and adapt with our customers’ changing expectations, through a combination of understanding our customers, reducing costs, creating fair and sustainable jobs, investing in staff and other aspects of our businesses and embracing digital.


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