Overview - Tourism Scotland 2020


The national tourism strategy, Tourism Scotland 2020 (TS2020) was launched in June 2012, with an ambition to grow visitor spend to £1bn by 2020. 

The strategy was developed to target those markets that offer us the greatest growth potential, to collaborate within and across Scotland’s tourism destinations and to develop the authentic memorable experiences today’s visitors seek, delivered to the consistently high quality they expect.

 By 2020, the Scottish tourism sector aim to have:

  1. Grown visitor spend by £1bn in real terms from £4.5bn in 2011 to £5.5bn in 2020.
  2. Increased Scottish tourism's advocacy score from 25% to over 50%.
  3. Increased the average visitor spend from £358.56 in 2011.
  4. Increased total employment in the tourism industry from 185,100 in 2011.
  5. Increased total tourism turnover from £6,221m in 2011.

In addition to total visitor spend, targets have also been set for specific growth markets.

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Tourism Strategy Annual Report 2018

The Scottish Tourism Alliance Signature Conference saw the publication of the annual update of the national tourism strategy Tourism Scotland 2020 by the Tourism Leadership Group.

Tourism Scotland 2020 (TS2020) is overseen by the Tourism Leadership Group, a partnership of public and private sector, and supported by the Scottish Tourism Alliance. The group is chaired by Stephen Leckie of Crieff Hydro.

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Mid Term Review 2016

The Mid Term Review of the strategy began in October 2015 and the findings were announced at Scottish Tourism Week in March 2016. The review presented the opportunity to consider progress to date and to refocus activities if required. 

Reassuringly the strategy itself was still considered to be relevant by the sector, however with the industry now focussed on delivering the aligned local strategies, there was a need at a national level to identify clear priorities. These related to Digital, Leadership, Quality of the Visitor Experience and the sector's ability to Influence Investment


Tourism Scotland 2020

Tourism Scotland 2020 (TS2020), the tourism industry’s strategy for growth was launched in June 2012. Unlike previous strategies, TS2020 was to be led by the industry and the Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) under its leadership role took on the guardianship on behalf of the sector. 

The strategy focused on driving growth in Scotland's key markets by strengthening our key assets and building the industry's capabilities. Rather than create new initiatives, much of the early focus was on alignment and as strategies came to be rewritten, groups were encouraged to shape their new strategies in line with TS2020. The simple TS2020 framework, which due its shape became known as 'the rocket' was easy to adapt for different sectors and destinations and there are now over 25 strategies using the same model.

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