Patron of the Month

The Scottish Tourism Alliance is delighted to name Geotourist as its Patron of the Month.  


The best ideas are often the simplest

So, what do you do when your holiday is over? When you’re unpacking the suitcases and you realise that you didn’t get the feel of hidden Venice or that you never did work out why the unusual building in Savannah was so special.

If that’s what you’re thinking, you can be sure that visitors from all over the globe are doing the same thing. Missed opportunities and an experience half-lived can make all the difference in the world of tourism – and it was a moment exactly like this that moved Shaon Talkuder, CEO of Geotourist, to do something about it.

Standing below the sacred red rocks of Uluru, Shaon was conscious of one thing: that his need to travel under his own steam was compromised by his desire to know more about the world around him. Having travelled for hours to get there, Shaon wanted to uncover more about Uluru, yet there was no-one to talk to.

This is how Geotourist came to be. Geotourist is the immersive GPS-led self-guided audio tour app that empowers tourists to benefit from the local knowledge of a tour guide without being tied to a tight schedule. It had to be easy for visitors to use on their own smartphones; it had to be free for them to download; and it had to be sharable on social media so that visitors can share their experience with friends and family all over the planet.

Slicing through the busy digital space

Building Geotourist from the ground up, Shaon could see that many destinations and attractions had developed their own propriety app. Digging more deeply, it became clear that app maintenance costs became a burden after the initial funding injection dried up and that visitors couldn’t really cope with an-app-per-visit. They quickly tired of the download-use-uninstall cycle on what is, above all, a holiday.

Going global, Geotourist envisioned a world where visitors turn to the Geotourist map to find a nearby tour, to enjoy it, share it and chose their next destination by checking out what looks interesting on the Geotourist map - and this is exactly what visitors are doing.

Visitors are looking for YOU on Geotourist 

Turning their back on traditional bricks-and-mortar tourist information offices, tourists are increasingly too sustainability-savvy to lift free printed material. Geotourist leverages their own smartphones while taking the place of expensive bespoke audio devices, unsightly physical signposts and reams of promotional leaflets.

The Geotourist app process is streamlined and has been developed to work for the hosts as simply as it works for the visitors. Taking care of the technology, Geotourist provides production and hosting of trails on our platform and then we showcase them to the waiting world
through Geotourist’s marketing, PR and social media. We ensure that updates and future maintenance have a quick turnaround so that you don’t have to deal with costly print runs or finding that your original app developer update costs exceed your budget.

Geotourist exists on a global platform, with tours all over the world AND tours in any language that you need, including Mandarin and Arabic, with our professional translation service.

We are united by a passion to make life worth living…

… because that’s the difference that we, in the tourism industry, want to be in the world. Geotourist can connect you with visitors that you re-engage with every year, but we can also introduce you to a planet full of interested and dynamic people who are looking for you.

Let’s work together

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