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Sustainability is an underpinning principle of the national strategy for Scottish tourism growth. Collectively we aim to grow visitor spend to at least £5.5bn by 2020 but we need to do that in a way that is viable in the long term, will enhance Scotland’s communities and also improve our natural environment so that it can benefit us now and in future generations.

To support this sustainable growth, a strategic sustainability framework has been devised by the Sustainability Action Industry Group.

This framework was based on the Sustainable Tourism Statement which was published by the Scottish Tourism Alliance's Council in 2013 and which agreed the following objectives:

Sustainable Tourism Objectives:

  • Grow sustainable tourism opportunities
  • Help the sector adapt to climate change
  • Make holidays accessible to all
  • Improve the quality of jobs
  • Support communities and enhance quality of life
  • Protect and enhance natural and cultural heritage
  • Reduce resource use and waste
  • Reduce transport tourism impact


We will focus on the specific areas within the framework to deliver a series of activities that will help make embed sustainability in the heart of Scottish tourism.

The key areas are:

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Reducing Food Waste >
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Focus on Transport,
in particular Electric Vehicles > 
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Accessible Tourism >
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