Tourism Scotland 2020 Toolkit

Tourism Scotland 2020 Toolkit


The national tourism strategy, Tourism Scotland 2020 was launched in June 2012, with an ambition to grow visitor spend by £1bn to 2020. 

The tourism strategy which was developed by the tourism industry, Scottish Government and its agencies. Since it's launch, hundreds of organisations and individuals have been involved with Tourism Scotland 2020, at regional, sectoral and national levels. All are focused on delivering our 2020 vision and making a difference.

The strategy is represented by the ‘rocket’ diagram which highlights the key growth markets, assets and capabilities. This framework has been replicated by destinations and sectors throughout Scotland.

The Scottish Tourism Alliance, as the national tourism industry group, has the role of championing the strategy on behalf of the industry. Overall leadership of the strategy sits with the Tourism Leadership Group, a private and public sector partnership, chaired by Stephen Leckie of Crieff Hydro. We work closely with the industry, Scottish Government and our public agency partners to ensure that activities align to the strategy themes and are coordinated. 

TS2020 Mid Term Review 

The Mid Term Review of the strategy began in October 2015 and the findings were announced at Scottish Tourism Week in March 2016. The review presented the opportunity to consider progress to date and to refocus activities if required.  The review identified that we still have work to do if we are to reach our target of over £5.5bn visitor spend by 2020. To maintain our focus, the Review recommended focusing on four broad national priorities in order to drive growth to 2020 and support activities at regional and sectoral levels. These are: 

  •   Strengthen Digital Capabilities
  •   Strengthen Industry Leadership
  •   Influence Investment
  •   Enhance the Quality of the Visitor  Experience

View the Mid Term Review here

TS2020 Strapline 

The future of our industry is in our hands.

Key Messages

  • The TS2020 vision is to be a destination of first choice for a high quality, value for money and memorable customer experience, delivered by skilled and passionate people. 
  • Over the course of the TS2020 strategy our ambition is to grow visitor spend by £1bn to 2020. 
  • TS2020 is the glue that joins Scotland’s tourism industry together, providing a common purpose, clear focus and strategic framework.
  • At the heart of TS2020 is the strategic framework which is known as the rocket, which has been adopted by over 35 destinations and sectoral groups. 
  • For Scotland to reach its tourism growth ambition, our industry needs to focus on four key growth priorities - Digital, Leadership, Quality of the Visitor Experience and the sector's ability to Influence Investment.

• TS2020 is an industry led strategy in partnership with Scottish Government, local government and the public sector.  

TS2020 Publications 

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 10.30.32 Launched in November 2017, a bi-monthly update of Tourism Scotland 2020 news, initiatives and activities. 

2018 content plan

View the latest update here

Jan '18| Quality & Skills
Mar '18| TS2020 Annual Report  May '18| Influencing Investment  Jul  '18| Leadership 

TS2020 Front Cover TS2020 Strategy Rocket

Download the full Tourism Scotland 2020 Strategy here 

Download the Tourism Scotland 2020 Summary here 

TS2020 Social Media 

If you would like to share your news on TS2020-related projects, please use #TS2020. 


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TS2020 Strategy Rocket
Caroline Warburton, National Strategy Coordinator of the Scottish Tourism Alliance introduces Scotland's tourism strategy: Tourism Scotland 2020. The strategy was developed to target those markets that offer us the greatest growth potential, to collaborate within and across Scotland's tourism destinations and to develop the authentic memorable experiences today's visitors seek, delivered to the consistently high quality they expect. The strategy is represented by the ‘rocket’ diagram which highlights the key growth markets, assets and capabilities.