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Being a patron to the STA means making it official that we love working with Scottish hotels, restaurants, and leisure businesses!

We have worked with numerous hospitality and tourism businesses in Scotland for many years now, and know that running a hospitality business can involve a task list as long as your arm. Your utility bills shouldn't have to be on it. This is why eyebright® focus on your utilities, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Our all-inclusive service includes energy, water, and telecoms contracts, as well as merchant services, and allows you to save not only money but valuable time. Money and time that you can invest in consolidating or growing your business.

Additionally, We’re always happy to help tourism and hospitality businesses to go green, with competitive green energy tariffs, energy and water efficiency support, and finding renewables generation solutions for you.

No need to be on hold with call centres anymore, your local Consultant and dedicated Account Manager make sure that sorting your utilities is as personal and seamless as the service you provide for your guests.