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"Tennents Caledonian Brewery is very pleased be a partner of the Scottish Tourism Alliance. We have long been supporters of the Scottish on trade and hospitality sector.  We are active in the prison sector ourselves with the increasingly popular Tennents Brewery Tours.  Additionally with the majority of tourists visiting pubs in Scotland as part of their stay, it makes complete sense for us to work with the Scottish Tourism Alliance.  We have many customers who are very active in the tourism market and we are keen to support them in every way possible.

The Tennents Training Academy is Scotland's premier venue for hospitality and entertainment industry training. We have now delivered over 20,000 courses. This is a dedicated hospitality industry based training academy and offers a fresh approach to learning new skills, in all elements of the hospitality industry from cooking to legislation and health and safety to wine and spirits knowledge.  All courses are delivered within an inspirational teaching style in a unique environment.

So, we look forward to an exciting future for Scottish tourism.” Alastair Campbell, Managing Director, Tennent Caledonian Breweries